Allow me to introduce myself…..

My name is Halyna and I enjoy ruminating on everything that life has to offer.

Everyone has a story, and this is a snippet of my story.

A common thread in my life has always been a strong spiritual connection, not affiliated with any religion or dogma. My personal spiritual beliefs have evolved through exploration of eastern philosophies, alternative thinkers and lots of self reflection. Yoga has been a constant in my life ever since I was a teenager.

My underlying belief is that we are all connected with a higher source power and that we are reflections and expressions of this Source. As a result, I believe that we have an inner knowing, an inner wisdom and an inner power, which supersedes anything which we may have been taught or anything that we have read. In my therapy and yoga work, I strive to empower others to believe more in themselves, and to live an authentic life.

I was born in the hippie era of the late sixties, into a family of creatives and philosophers. In my early life I was largely influenced by the beliefs of my family and society, but as I spread my wings, I discovered a world beyond my immediate boundaries.

I emerged like a butterfly out of a cocoon and proceeded to live the adventure of life.

My life experience to date has been varied and has shaped me into the person that I am today. I have been married, I have been a single mum, I have struggled financially, I have lived in abundance, I have worked locally and overseas and I have been out of work.

My two passions are design and natural therapies. I have qualifications and experience in architecture, colour design, massage, oriental therapies, reflexology, reiki, yoga and Chakradance.

Currently I live on the outskirts of Sydney on Darug country. I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, interacting with nature, travelling, and spending time those that I love. I work in patient transport which ensures that I get to meet lots of interesting people and hear lots of interesting stories. Recently I have rekindled my passion for art, design and colour, and have started to share these with the world. Check out my offerings on products such as apparel, homewares and more or fabrics if you are more of a DIY type person.

One day I would love to live by the sea and I would love to buy a campervan so I can explore this great land.

I decided to write this blog as a way of formulating my thoughts and sharing them with the world. One day I would like to write a book about my story, maybe this blog is a starting point.

These are my viewpoints, and as such, open to interpretation. You may agree or disagree and that’s ok. There is no right and wrong here, merely our individual interpretations of reality.